JigSaw Hacked client 1.16.5/1.16.4/1.16.1

JigSaw hack for Minecraft is probably one of the best cheats for this version. The client gained popularity among the players for a reason in record time. He really can give everything a cheater needs now and even more.

JigSaw Hacked client 1.16.5/1.16.4/1.16.1

Lots of features, workarounds and settings. Convenient control and design. The client certainly deserves to be called one of the best popular cheats.

Convenient and beautiful design is combined with a good set of functions of the main menu. The menu has a well-designed Alt Manager, which can be opened by clicking on your skin icon in the upper left corner. In addition, right in the menu, you can turn on the GUI menu, where you can turn on or off the necessary functions. Below is the “JigSaw” section, which contains links to the official YouTube channel and the client’s website. In the same place we need the section “Clients Setting” – “Change ClickGUI keybind”. In this section, you can configure the bind of the key that opens the GUI menu. Initially, the menu is opened by pressing the ctrl key.

Initially, the GUI menu consists of only one main window, in which you can enable or disable other windows. The player himself can choose which windows he needs. If you open all the windows, you can see a lot of different functions and their settings. Also, in the main menu, you can turn on a convenient mini-map. There are two ways to bind a function: either find the desired function in the GUI menu, open the settings and click on the keybind cell, and then press the required key; or enable the Console function in the Global section, and enter the command there: “bind function key”, for example, “Killaura bind r”.

Download: Jigsaw-1.12.2